"I got 3,868 followers in two months and I'm selling more clothes!"

Monthly organic Instagram marketing service for fashion brands on Shopify. Get on average 1,500 new targeted followers every month for only $149 per month.

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Rapid Instagram Followers Boost

Tired of watching your friends getting more followers than you? Blast past them and get high-quality targeted followers now.

We work exclusively with fashion brands using Shopify to increase fans and sales.


Our focus is on your fashion business using the best social media platform available to fashion companies: Instagram. We are killing it for small to medium fashion brands. Our customers are getting between 40-70 targeted followers every single day of the week.

Get on average 1,500 new targeted followers month after month for only $149.

Book your free strategy call now and learn how to convert your fans into customers.

How the boosting works

You tell us what your objectives are and precisely your target audience or follower interests. We then encourage that audience to follow your account by following them on mass. We never buy fake followers and it's completely safe.

Together we create a growth strategy based on your objectives so we can precisely target your best followers.

Badaboost will follow your competitor's followers and like their posts to grow your fans.

We then follow and unfollow your competitors' followers and target interests for even more followers.

What we do every day for your brand

"One of my photos got 2,645 likes & 52 comments when I only had 3020 followers!"




Avg. 1,500 Monthly Followers

Create & Post 2x Daily

No set up fees

Growth Strategy Call

Top Hashtag Research

Commenting & Liking

Follow & Unfollow

Weekly Growth Reports

Phone & Email Support








Avg. 1,500 Monthly Followers

No set up fees

Growth Strategy Call

Top Hashtag Research

Commenting & Liking

Follow & Unfollow

Weekly Growth Reports

Phone & Email Support








Got a few questions? No worries, let's have a chat.

Stop any time

No obligation of contract whatsoever.  Walk away at any time.

We are convinced that you wont be able to live without Badaboost Instagram Boosting Services once you start getting your high quality followers. That's why we don't need to bother with contracts.

Money Back Guarantee

No reason needed at all. Just send an email in the first 30 days for a refund.

If for any reason you aren't happy with the service (you actually don't need any reason!), just ask and we will reimburse your full payment.

Instagram Safe

No worries and no stress. We use industry standard proxies.

We use rock solid proxies for which ever country you are in. As far as Instagram is concerned, any activity Badaboost makes on your behalf is considered to be done by you.


Take a quiz to find out how many followers you can expect each month with Badaboost.

Save massive time

Make more sales

Peace of mind

Following and unfollowing your competitor's followers just works, but you would have to spend a few hours a day making it work. Badaboost does all the work for you. So you can work on your business.

More followers with the right strategy means more sales. Chat with us anytime and we will explain a simple strategy to convert your many new followers into leads and sales. Or just get us to set it up for you.

We all know we need to be continually generating leads. If you don't have the time to put in the work, then this is perfect for you. Take it easy and we will do all the heavy lifting.

19th September 2017


Actually it started a bit slow. A few followers here and there and then it went crazy! 3,868 followers so far. The trick for me was when Badaboost showed me how to turn followers into customers though.

Pretty Cool Paris


26th September 2017


Badaboost is the real deal. We only targeted local République (Paris) residents severely limiting the possible audience. We still got 2,007 real and buying followers in 6 weeks.

24th September 2017


We took the boosting and posting deal and we have got 3,650 followers so far. We are averaging 200 likes per post. Highly recommended service.


Service FAQ

Service and payment information

  • What happens when I sign-up and pay?

    When you sign up you book a call with us at your earliest convenience, often immediately if you are able. We then create an Instagram strategy together based on your objectives, brand style and capacity to post.

  • Do you offer any guarantees?

    Absolutely! Whist we can't guarantee how many followers you will get (depends on your posting schedule and other things but our clients get  on average 1,500 monthly followers)) we will reimburse your first month payment if you aren't happy for any reason.

  • 7Do we have to supply photos?

    [if you take the boosting+posting plan] Yes, you will need to provide us with source images so we can crop and manipulate them for Instagram. We will make beautiful posts from your base photos. We have a professional photographer who can even shoot your clothes if you send them. Or our designer can make tons of fresh/beautiful content from photos you already have.

  • Do I have to use a credit card?

    No, you can also use Paypal, or a bank transfer. Just email us or click the call button below and we can talk about the options.

  • Can I speak with someone before I purchase?

    For sure! Find the live chat, hit the call button below or send us an email at support@badaboost.com. happy to chat anytime.

Instagram FAQ

Instagram Boosting Information

  • How long will it take to get results?

    We always start slow so that the Instagram algorithm doesn't get upset and then we ramp it up. You can expect to see real results after 10 days.

  • 7Do you buy followers?

    No, absolutely not. We never have and will never buy followers, all followers are real and targeted.

  • Is it safe?

    It's perfectly safe. We use industry standard rock solid proxies for your specific country so Instagram doesn't even know you are using our service.

  • How many times a day do you post?

    For the boosting + Posting offer, we post 2 times a day. We find that 2 times a day brings the best balance between getting followers and not annoying followers.

  • When you post do you make captions as well?

    Yes, we write a caption specific to the image and from information you give us during the onboarding call. You can always change the caption though by yourself. We post at the same ideal times everyday which helps with timing.

Got some unanswered questions? support@badaboost.com

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We're in the fashion capital

Paris, France